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Do you always do self-talk “ I got nothing to wear” even though your wardrobe is packed with clothes? 🥲
Did you feel panic every time you go to cosmetic store but not knowing what to choose in the ocean of beauty products? 😨
Do you even experience anxiety going to social settings or parties for whether you would look good in front of others, while everyone seems glowing?😩

Well, don’t worry, my friend! We got your back! 😎

Welcome to Korean’s No.1 leading platform- Haebom will help you to find the beauty studio that is set up for YOU! 🎀

♥️ The exact reservation time will be informed through a confirmation email.
♥️ Please note that we don't accept same day reservation.

What makes ColorLover UNIQUE-

1. Their expert consultants offer detailed information consistently in regarding beauty products through their mobile application, as well as offering one on one Q & A service.

2. They’re equipped with over 1,000 make-up products to recommend them to each client.

3. They offer testing of those products.

4. Their programs are designed efficiently for you to choose which one would be your most interest.

5. Unlike 1-person studios they’re a team of highly professional consultants.

6. It’s available for you to choose the right program from Standard, Senior and For Men.

Shoot us a message 📱 if you wanted to be on the journey of transformation!

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Program Overview

🎨 Personal Color

ColorLover teamed up with some of the most qualified consultants that have extensive experience in their field. 

🎀 Come and find out the personal color that's only UNIQUE to you!
😘 And receive the make-up product recommendations that are for you! ?

Explore not only the outward beauty but also discover inner confidence through the transformed image following a personal color diagnosis.
Embrace the beauty within and without! ?🎊

Language Support
English, Mandarin, Japanese
KRW 132,000
60 mins
KRW 225,000
90 mins
KRW 320,000
120 mins



♥️ Notice

1. Please make a reservation at 3 days in advance.

2. The reservation will be confirmed within a minimum of 1-2 business days after the reservation request.

3. Until you receive the confirmation email, the reservation is not considered confirmed.

4. Please cancel the reservation at least 3 days in advance. After that, It is not refundable.

5. Except for participants in the consulting session, access is restricted to accompanying individuals. If it is essential to have an accompanying person, please obtain prior consent.

♥️ Tips For Color Analysis

1. For accurate assessment, we conduct the diagnosis in a bare face condition (no sunscreen or colored lip balm). If you choose to wear makeup, we can provide cleansing at the studio, although this may result in a shorter session time.

2. We recommend wearing clear contact lenses instead of glasses or colored lenses. Additionally, please avoid wearing tops with hoods, turtlenecks, or silk materials.

3. Punctuality is crucial; if you are more than 15 minutes late, consultation will not be possible, and it will be treated as a no-show without refund. Even in the case of a group appointment with two or more individuals, all participants must arrive on time to proceed.

4. Access to the program is granted exclusively to participating clients. Friends or family members cannot accompany you.

5. Unapproved photography or recording during the consultation is not permitted. If you require such services, separate arrangements for photography time and details will be provided.

6. Feel free to bring your frequently used makeup products for us to review. We will check them during the consultation.


서울 성동구 성수이로 51 1차 1302호 | 1302-ho, 51, Seongsui-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Google Map Link)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fun & interesting!

I booked for a 1:3 (1 female, 2 male) English session with Stella. It was very insightful and interesting! I was surprised to see the different effects of the colors to my face. I thought it's very negligible at first, but as we go along, i really notice the differences. It was enlightening to know which colors brings out the brightness (of your face). Stella was very helpful, and explains things really well. I'm so grateful for the makeup recommendations that she gave me. And my 2 other friends were really happy with the results as well, they immediately went shopping for clothes right after!

I think 3 of us agree that this was a worth it activity when visiting Seoul!



Super interesting and helpful!

I booked the english session with two kind ladies. I had a really fun time figuring out the colors that worked for me. The results were unexpected! But they actually fit me more than my previous color choices (I always thought I was warm!). Would recommend to anyone who wants to upgrade their style. :))

It was perfect!

I had a really great session with my partner and I! It was very thorough and I was able to ask a lot of questions that I was curious about. The language barrier was not a problem because there was a translator present there to translate for us!

I would definitely recommend anyone to come here! It was a very fulfilling session and I learned a lot!

Very nice consultant and interpreter

Session was very informative and helpful for myself and my friend. Got advice on even combinations for clothing.

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