Personal Color: Discovering Your Unique Hue

Personal Color: Discovering Your Unique Hue

Personal Color: Discovering Your Unique Hue

Discovering your personal color is more than just finding flattering shades; it’s about enhancing your unique beauty and confidence. This guide explores the theory behind personal color, its importance, and how it can be seamlessly integrated into makeup, styling, and shopping. We also recommend top personal color shops and highlight the need for interpreter services for a hassle-free experience. Dive in to find out how personal color can transform your look!



1. The Theory Behind Personal Color

Personal color refers to the shades that complement an individual's skin tone, eye color, and hair color. It is typically categorized into four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), each with warm and cool variations. This system helps you identify colors that make your features pop.


  • Spring Warm: Bright and warm shades. Examples: peach, apricot
  • Summer Cool: Soft and cool shades. Examples: lavender, sky blue
  • Autumn Warm: Deep and warm shades. Examples: olive green, mustard
  • Winter Cool: Bold and cool shades. Examples: teal, dark purple



2. Why is Personal Color Important?

Understanding your personal color can significantly enhance your appearance. Wearing the right colors can make your skin look brighter, your face more vibrant, and your overall look more polished. Conversely, the wrong colors can make your skin look dull and your face tired.



3. Variations of Personal Color: Makeup, Styling, Shopping

  • Personal Color + Makeup: Applying personal color to makeup can add natural vibrancy to your face. For example, those with a Spring Warm tone look great with coral lipsticks and blushes.
  • Personal Color + Styling: Considering personal color when choosing outfits can elevate your style. Winter Cool tones, for instance, look stunning in cool blues and monochrome outfits.
  • Personal Color + Shopping: When shopping, keeping your personal color in mind helps you pick clothes and accessories that suit you best. Autumn Warm tones should go for browns and olive greens.



4. Recommended Personal Color Shops for Different Uses

1) Personal Color & Make up: 'Studio Bomnal' @Myeongdong

Studio Bomnal Offers tailored makeup consultations for each season. For a celebrity makeup artist experience, visit Studio Bomnal, where professional artists provide makeup services and product recommendations. After diagnosing your personal color, they use recommended products for makeup, which you can purchase on-site at affordable prices. The price starts at 130,000 KRW and goes up to 250,000 KRW including makeup.
Getting Makeup in Studio Bomnal  Taking a personal color analysis in Studio Bomnal

2) Personal Color & Styling: 'Be-U Personal Color' @Hongdae

Be-U Provides styling services based on personal color analysis. Be-U Personal Color, located near Hongdae Station, offers precise diagnosis and styling consultations. They assess your body type and proportions, and then suggest styling options tailored to you. The pricing starts at 142,000 KRW, with styling programs available for 295,000 KRW.

Comparing worst and best tones during the Personal Color analysis in Be U



3) Personal Color & Shopping: 'Damppeum'  @Hongdae

Damppeum Recommends fashion items that match your personal color. Dampum Personal Color offers a unique shopping companion program. After diagnosing your personal color, a consultant accompanies you on a shopping trip to help you choose the best products for your tone and skin type. This service ensures you purchase products you will truly use and love. Their personal color diagnosis starts at 180,000 KRW, with the shopping companion program priced at 285,000 KRW.


Analyzing personal color in damppeum A personal color custom makeup application at DAMPPEUM



5. Ensuring 100% Understanding of Personal Color: Interpreter Service is a Must

For foreigners, it's crucial to choose a shop that offers interpreter services for personal color consultations. This ensures accurate understanding and proper utilization of your personal color.



Want to Book a Personal Color Studio?

If you want to fully understand and utilize your personal color, visit!
Haebom is a foreigner-friendly personal color shop that provides interpreter services to ensure all clients have a comfortable and informative experience.

Personal color is not just about matching shades; it's a way to better express and love yourself. Discover your personal color and embrace a more beautiful and confident you!


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