[Ink Boss] 韓國首爾眉毛、眼線和唇部紋身

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♥️ 請注意,我們不接受當日預訂。

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♥️ 請注意,我們不接受當日預訂。

Introducing Korea's No.1  Eyebrow,Eyeliner& Lip Tattoo Studio located in Seoul, Gangnam. Ink Boss

Are you tired of thinning hair or receding hairlines?
Our state-of-the-art Scalp Tattoo Studio in the heart of Seoul, Gangnam, is here to help you achieve the look you desire.
With a team of skilled artists and cutting-edge techniques, we specialize in providing realistic and natural-looking scalp tattoos that create the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

Why Ink Boss?
The completion of SMP is determined by the tools, pigments, and techniques.

1.SMP Auto Machine

2. Ink

🌟 Discover our exquisite 20-year-old pigment collection, created by a dedicated chemist family committed to no animal testing!
🐾 Experience the vibrant array of colors, perfect for all your cosmetic needs. Embrace beauty with confidence and conscience!
🎨💄 Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your look in an ethical and glamorous way!

3, Techniques
🌟 Introducing our premium pigment, carefully crafted by skilled professionals who perform the procedure themselves!
Certified by SGS Switzerland, our pigment is trusted for overseas export too! ✨

Program Overview

🔍The program structure consists of:

1. **Studio Consultation and Design:** Consultation and design session at the studio.

2. **On-Site Procedure:**

🕒Available Reservation Times
Monday-Sunday 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

💸 Treatments Cost

Price for
First-time procedure
Price for
531,000 KRW
50,000 KRW in 3 month
100,000 KRW in 6 month
236,000 KRW
Ombrebrows (Eyebrow)
295,000 KRW
Hairstrokes (Eyebrow)
472,000 KRW



👄 Lips

✔ Prior exfoliation is essential for lip tattooing. Apply lip balm generously for a few days and keep your lips soft and well-moisturized.
(Use hydrating lip balms like Uriage or Bioderma, not cosmetic lip balms.)

👁️ Eyeliner

✔ For eyeliner clients, please remove contact lenses before the procedure. Lens cases will be provided at the shop. Remember to bring your glasses.
✔ If you have eyelash extensions, please have them removed before the appointment.

🤨 Ombrebrows (Eyebrows)

A tattoo technique that fills in the entire area of the eyebrow with ink to give the illusion of a full, well-groomed brow.



🤨 Hairstrokes (Eyebrows)

A tattoo technique that uses a machine to create eyebrow lines. 
It's non-damaging to the skin, long-lasting, and very natural, with a wide range of line weights to define even the finest hairs.



♥️ Notice

1. Please make a reservation at 3 days in advance.
2. The reservation will be confirmed within a minimum of 1-2 business days after the reservation request.
3. Until you receive the confirmation email, the reservation is not considered confirmed.
4. Please cancel the reservation at least 3 days in advance. After that, It is not refundable.
5. Except for participants in the consulting session, access is restricted to accompanying individuals. If it is essential to have an accompanying person, please obtain prior consent.
6. If you require parking, please inform us in advance. While parking is available, we recommend using public transportation.

♥️Tips For Tattoos

✔ To avoid meeting other clients, we schedule appointments with sufficient buffer time. Please arrive 10 minutes early or on time.


서울특별시 강남구 논현로 622 6층 / 6th floor 622, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hairstroke eyebrows

Thank you so much to 수연쌤! I grew up in the States so my Korean is mid but she was very patient with me. I didn’t really know style fit my face so I left it to 수연쌤 and she really took her time to design a shape with incredible and meticulous detail. The whole process took about 4 hours with adjustments to the design. I’m excited to see how it looks after the initial 2 weeks.

Lydia yen

It feels scary to get a face tattoo, but this one doesn’t even need numbing cream! Soo Yeon made me feel very comfortable today~ I had asked her for hairline, lip and eyebrow done in 7.5 hrs and she totally did it! I can’t wait for the real results after the color settles in, she really took the time to make each line perfect and to listen to my concerns. I went after to go on a tour and to hang with friends without brushing or redness.

Ink Boss
🚩Location: 江南